Team Members Edit

Guest Members Edit

  • Blair Harrison (January 2017)
  • Billy Howe (June 2017)
  • Jacob C. Rose (July 2017)

Whoniversals Characters Edit

  • Adric (Mascot/Allie, Voiced by Oli Everettz, Bronze & Lavender Weeks)
  • Daniel The Dalek (Mascot/Allie, Voiced by Nick Payne, Teal Week)
  • Big Finish Studios (Villain Organisation, Voiced by Matthew Moir, Bronze Week)
  • The Big Finish CEO (Villain, Played by Oli Everettz, Bronze Week)
  • The Mastermind (Villain, Played by Nick Payne, Teal Week)
  • The Doctor Who Police Force (Allie Organisation, Teal Week)
  • DWPF Officer (Allie, Played by Nick Payne, Teal Week)

Former Members Edit

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