Formerly Bizarre Week was regally the sixth and final week in the six week video cycle on the Whoniversals YouTube channel during the original run, and the only one to not be presented by one particular member. The week is presented by all of the members.

In the revival, it was used when a member is absent or unadvadable to make a video, so another member will make a Bizarre Week video to take the regular videos' place. It will be a mix of the two previous runs in 2016 of the week in 2017. It will be the seventh and final week in the seven week video cycle on the Whoniversals YouTube channel, however, some cycles may end with Lavender Week.

Bizarre Weeks was later changed to Specials and Guest videos, plus other videos released by Whoniversals on the Whoniversals channel.

Videos Edit

Original Run Edit

  1. Introduction (Hosted by Daniel The Dalek (Voiced by Nick Payne))
  2. The Villain's Introduction (Hosted by The Whoniversals Villain (Played by Nick Payne))
  3. Chris Chibnall Will Be Taking Over Doctor Who [In 2018] (Hosted by Matthew Moir and Oli Everett) (Podcast)
  4. Pond Life- Episode 1: What Happened Next? (Unfinished)

Revival Edit

  1. docter oho and tha evell sliveen (With Oli Everett)
  2. Doctor Who DVD/Blu-ray Cover Art- With Blair Harrison
  3. Whoniversals Series 10 Reviews Trailer
  4. The Non-Canon Doctors- With Billy Howe
  5. Something Is Wrong With Doctor Who- With Jacob C. Rose
  6. The Best Of Whoniversals- Year One
  7. The Best Of The Whoniversals- Year One
  8. Doctor Who's Star Trekian Affair- With DaDoctorWhoFan
  9. Doctor Poo: The Boogie Woogie Of Mars
  10. Time And The Rani | The Worst Who

Content Edit

Other Edit

Bizarre Week Rules: Edit

  • Videos must be:

A.) Doctor Who Related, and B.) Either Entertaining, Informative, Funny Or Bizarre.

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