Scarlet Week was orignally to be the third week in the six week video cycle on the Whoniversals YouTube channel during the original run. There was no regular presenter, and for the introduction and first weeks were filled by Nick Payne announcing Scarlet Week being postponed, and Matthew Moir & Oli Everett creating the first podcast, centred around Chris Chibnall taking over Doctor Who. The latter was branded as a Bizarre Week video, whilst the Posponed video was counted as a Scarlett Week video and an 'Other' video.

When the channel returned, Scarlet Week was replaced by Diamond Week. Jean-Luc Henry is the presenter of the new half-week slot, with videos now released every two-and-a-half weeks.

Videos Edit

  1. Scarlet Week Postponed (Hosted by Nick Payne)

Content Edit

Other Edit

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