The Mastermind is a villain for the Whoniversals YouTube Channel and appears in a few videos. He is a clone of member Nick Payne, who plays him.

He was known as "The Whoniversals Villain" until "Doctor Who: The TV Movie Music", where his real name was revealed.

Biography Edit

The Mastermind attempted to take over the Whoniversals channel both during the original era and during the revival era. In the original era, he got his own Introduction during the Bizarre Week of the first cycle (he was known as "The Whoniversals Villain at the time and would later be called The Mastermind in "Doctor Who: TV Movie Music" during the revival era). it was the last video released before the channel was hacked (in "The Mastermind's Trial", it's later revealed The Mastermind aided and abetted The Hacker, as well as other criminal clones and enemies to the channel).

His first appearance in the revival era was in "K9 & Company: A Girl's Best Friend- Review" and later appeared in "Doctor Who: The Idiot's lantern- Review" and "Whatever Happened To...Susan- Review/Analysis- Part 2" until he attempted to take control from Nick in "Doctor Who: TV Movie Music", but was eventually defeated by Nick with help from Oli, Owian, Jean and Matt and the music from the Doctor Who Television Movie. An officer from the Doctor Who Police Force (or DWPF) then arrested The Mastermind and take him to Varos. In "Reconstructions And Reanimations", The DWPF officer from "Doctor Who: TV Music Movie" informs The Mastermind that his Trail will begin on the 4th January 2017. The Mastermind then reveals he knows what's coming next...

The Mastermind was tried for his crimes and was eventually sentenced to death within a week of sentence passing. He was exterminated by The Daleks (as seen in "The Mastermind's Trial"). His last request was that the clones of the channel members would stay and work on the channel....

Appearances Edit

Original Run

  • The Villain's introduction.

Revival Run

  • K9 & Company: A Girl's Best Friend
  • Doctor Who: The Idiot's lantern- Review
  • Whatever Happened To...Susan- Review/Analysis- Part 2
  • Doctor Who: TV Movie Music
  • Reconstructions And Reanimations
  • The Mastermind's Trial

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